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I have always been inspired by mountains, rivers, lakes, clouds and rolling hills.  As a child, I spent my free time drawing with sticks in the mud, gathering lake seaweed to make into jewelry, and talking to trees. I painted on rocks, tied sticks into sculptures and created fantasy realms that expanded far beyond the boundaries of my backyard.

My art practice is how I chase after the sense of calm I find while being in nature. Living in a city, I do not get as many opportunities to wander the woods or aimlessly float on a lake as I did growing up. The way I get lost in creating art is the closest to that joyful feeling as I can manufacture. I make art to find my center, flush out the toxins of the day, and to learn to be in the present moment rather than off worrying about what is yet to come.  

As an artist,  I have repeatedly returned to the subject of landscapes. I crave to communicate real or imagined land masses with materials like paint, paper, and ink. My pieces focus on ideas of balance, peace, calm and chaos through compositions playing with layers, pieces, textures, and color.

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I am currently living in Indianapolis, IN with my Husband and two cats.

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